Bruce Johnson

COLUMBIA (2057 “Surfin’ ‘Round the World”) $250-$350

COLUMBIA (8857 “Surfin’ ‘Round the World”) $250-$350

COLUMBIA (34459 “Going Public”) $10-$15

DEL-FI (DFLP-1228 “Surfer’s Pajama Party”) $50-$75

DEL-FI (DFST-1228 “Surfer’s Pajama Party”) $75-$125
(Del-Fi 1228 also may be found as by the Centurians — or may credit both Bruce Johnston and the Centurians on the same cover. Copies also exist with one artist’s name on the cover and the other on the disc)

DEL-FI (DLF-1228 “Surfer’s Pajama Party”) $10-$15
(“Thick, hard wax” reissue)