Annette Funicello

(“Annette” PICTURE DISC) $200-$300
(One side pictures in full color Annette in a chair eating an apple. Reverse side has a black-andwhite photo of Annette resting her head on her hands )

BUENA VISTA (3301 “Annette”) $300-$400
(Some copies include a “Donald Duck’s Contest, Win a Trip to Disneyland” entry form)

BUENA VISTA (3302 “Annette Sings Anka”) $75-$125
(With bonus color photo)

BUENA VISTA (3302 “Annette Sings Anka”) $50-$75
(Without bonus photo)

BUENA VISTA (3303 “Hawaiiannette“ Songs of Hawaii”) $50-$75

BUENA VISTA (3304 “Italiannette“ Songs with Italian Flavor”) $50-$75

BUENA VISTA (3305 “Dance Annette”) $50-$75

BUENA VISTA (3312 “Story of My Teens”) $75-$125

BUENA VISTA (3316 “Annette’s Beach Party”) $50-$75

BUENA VISTA (3320 “Annette on Campus”) $50-$75

BUENA VISTA (3324 “Annette at Bikini Beach”) $50-$75

BUENA VISTA (3325 “Annette’s Pajama Party”) $75-$125

BUENA VISTA (3327 “Annette Sings Golden Surfin’ Hits”) $50-$75

BUENA VISTA (3328 “Something Borrowed, Something Blue”) $50-$75

BUENA VISTA (4037 “Annette Funicello”) $30-$40

DISNEYLAND (Except 3906) $15-$30-$75
(Various Mouseketeer cast albums that include or feature Annette)

DISNEYLAND (3906 “Snow White“ As Told By Annette”) $40-$60

MICKEY MOUSE (24 “Songs from Annette and Other Walt Disney Serials”) $250-$350
(With Darlene Gillespie and Tim Considine)

RHINO (Except 702) $8-$10

RHINO (702 “Best of Annette”) $25-$35
(Picture disc)


STARVIEW (4001 “Country Album”) $8-$12
(Standard issue)

STARVIEW (4001 “Country Album”) $15-$20
(Limited Edition series)